Thursday, March 16

The Separation

The truth burnt me
at the tip of my tongue
and small embers became alight
God knows, how much I tried
to keep the flames inside
it wasn't mean to be...

My conscience only served to feed the heat
that made my brow leak
from drops of my own deceit
and I cried like
never before
invisible tears
that shattered the floor
upon which I stood...

and like
the jagged throes of birth
my words
painful in their stride
surpassed the speed of light
and invaded your chest
ripping open the cage
that shielded your life
left you without breath
left your cardiac
without bail
as your beats failed
so did your trust in me...

and as I looked at the pieces
of our infarcted love
lying beneath
our broken dreams
I saw us
as we really were
separate beings
whose love was never meant
to be

but at one time
we were devout
so I didn't protest
as you screamed out
your baritone laced with defeat
didn't protest hearing the door slam
with finality from beneath
didn't protest
watching your back recede
into the shadows street
for I knew
the love we carried
was. not. meant. to. be.
and that nevermore,
the two would meet...

but sometimes I wonder...
what if I was wrong...

My Inspiration:  Old Poetry Archives #2014

© KohylahPiper 2017

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