Saturday, September 19

#23 We became the Undead

 courtesy: Wordpress Blog Random_Michelle

We got fingers
that flicker
at the sound of a text
necks that are frozen
to one position
that denies them their rest
We got feet 
that shuffle
wandering to no where
because our eyes instead of guiding
are glued to the airs
of technology's branded outlets
wreaking havoc on life

‘cause Uncle Sam sung the song of
tablets, phone, and the like
all the hidden I’s
our narcissism
infiltrated to depths

where we spend watching our lives
and not living in the context.
The omen 
of this 
fast paced trek
got us tunnel
visioned darkened
to a simplified text
that manages to type
these tiny little lines
of images that bombard
our distracted minds;
now we're suffering from
self cannibalistic  woes
through screens
that succeeded in getting
our masses controlled
because we lost the
 main clue
of the fact
that being human determines
the need to humanly interact.
Flesh first competed with wires
was left disgraced
but now has been deleted
for a wireless interface,
reality surrendered
to virtual wiles
because its members
stayed connected
when they were needed offline
and so our battle for time
was lost with no blood shed
because we when we chose to
live virtually
we became the undead.


My Inspiration: Rico W. & Photo Prompt by Random_Michelle 

© KohylahPiper 2015

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