Saturday, November 14

#49 Senseless

courtesy Roman W.

Closed eyes

and closed mouths

have we also closed thoughts?

To the repercussions of our propagated hate

that forms a cycle that never breaks

these hard, calculating stone shells of ours

except the one that holds

the deepest parts of

hell that sets aflame

our bodies

and everyone that holds

our hands

around this earth,

even if we never desired

them to be held...

We are this world

and though we isolate

ourselves more

than the oceans and

seas separating our regions

and continents,

when we burn

we also burn the ones

we refuse to acknowledge

as our sisters and brothers.

Deaf ears,

selectively trained to hear

only the themes

that we've self-explained

among the small circle

of our decaying brains

that can only understand

as far as the skulls

in which they are contained,

and thus

oblivious to the strain

of what everyone

plucking the eyes

out each other's faces

has left us to manage...

This solemn refrain

that has no melody

but just annotations

of unheard screams

and erratic timing

that dances on

skin numb from

agonizing terror

that falls

down like the

stacked dominoes

we really are...

Human beings killing

the earth, themselves

and each other.

Blind leading the blind.

Love cast asunder,

leaving us all


on a planet

where hate

is determined to prosper.


My Inspiration: Humanity's Continued Downward Spiral

© KohylahPiper 2015

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