Saturday, October 24


The last thing you sent me was a smile.
On September the 14th to be exact.
I had logged on to confirm
what I had just heard
and I felt guilty that
I hadn't been on in a while...
Even though our meetings
over the time
we had been friends
were always intermittent,
surprising, crazy,
and for both of us
always left an impact
of encouragement that
was for me always timely.

I re-read the history
of our entire internet conversations;
where we reminisced on our lives
past and future
and intended collaborations
that as I read and re-read
I realised we had already done
without intending to
inside the playful soul of
our interactions.
I couldn’t do much
to not cry...
unlike the solemn now
was never blind
because when we each
began our poetic
we always did finish
each other's lines.
We just never realised
and I probably wouldn't ever have

Like when you once said in farewell;

"Ok  well,
let me leave it to you then my dear
Trod on though,
through lines on white trees
and keys connected to screens that scream
with your touch..."

and I replied;

"The poet has remained effective
and has revived in him a muse
for one who had been far away
but never forgot his depth and
mastery of talent never refused...
Thanks Roger stay in touch."

And you said;

"Its all you
your spirit reminds me
of who I once was"

To which I replied;

"once was?
will always be

You were modest
about your words and talents
and sometimes even doubtful
but your depth of spirit
was divinely given
and inspired me to be hopeful.
You were an encourager.
You told me to
stop being selfish with my words
if its God-given, use it.
In your own way you changed the world.
I had asked you once
the reason why
I still didn't have a book
in my hands
with your name on it.
But the life you lived
was your script
bound in the Truth
which were your cover pages...
Its only been half an hour
I'm still hardly absorbing
the news
but you know words are my comfort
and to honour you
my wordsmith...
is one of the best ways I know
how to use;
and when I'm
finished writing this rambling prose
I'm going to go through my CD's
I know that I've saved in the stacks
somewhere recorded samples from
our old MSN conversations
of you and your guitar singing for,
and along with me.
You were suppose to play at my wedding...
God needed you back.
and knowing you,
you'll start a band...

The last thing you sent me
was a smile
Exactly on September 14th,
And I've got to be content with that.

My Inspiration+Roger Nankishore  


In the end I didn't have to look through those CD's
It's amazing...
I had created a folder with your name months ago
with the intent of sorting through and making music
from our memories....

            courtesy YouTube Channel Shane Pantin

© KohylahPiper 2015

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